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Building/Zoning Information

*Almena Township now does shared services with Antwerp Township*

To obtain building, electrical,  mechanical, land use,and  zoning information not included in this website, please
Zoning Administration and Blight Enforcement
Contact: David Jirousek of  Williams & Works
**Plumbing permits obtained at State of Michigan, see below**

To obtain land division information
Ben Brousseau, Assessor
Phone: (269) 655-1144

* Kevin and Ben will be at the Almena Township Hall on Wednesdays from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm.  No appointment is necessary

Applications and payments are received at Almena Township Hall.

Plumbing permits are done by the State of Michigan (Andy Newman), and can be down loaded below or  available on line at,4601,7-154-35299_10575_17551-43095--,00.html .

zoning map

Zoning Ordinance



Land Division Application Fee  
See Application
Zoning Board of Appeals Application (Variance)
$350.00 per meeting
Construction Board of Appeals Application
$100.00 per meeting


Rezoning Request  $275.00 per meeting
PUD Application $275.00 per meeting
Site Plan Development (residential) $485.00 per application
(plus $2.00 per unit)
Site Plan (Recreational or other open space use) $485.00 per application
(plus $2.00 per unit)
Site Plan (Commercial) $485.00


Electrical See Application
Building Determined by Review
Mechanical See Application

Contact Kevin Cardiff forBuilding permit fees -  (269)668-2615 ext 210
Contact Rocky Sherburn for Mechanical permit fees - (269)668-2615 ext 300
Contact Lee Bailey for Electrical permit fees - (269)668-2615 ext 214
Questions: Chantel - (269) 668-2645 ext 207

Land Use Permits

Dwellings $25.00
Accessory Building $15.00
Garage $15.00
Additions $15.00

Construction work within the Township may require one or more permits.  Call Kevin Cardiff regarding the various permit requirements at (269)668-2615 ext 210

 Building Permit - Application

Checklist for Commercial Bldg App

Site Plan Review Application

Land Division Application


Electical Permit Application

Mechanical Permit Application

 Special Use Application

Zoning Variance Application

Contact the Building Department with any questions regarding whether a permit is required for your project. In general, permits or approvals are required for all the following project types:

Building Permits:

  • New construction of any building type
  • Addition to any building type
  • Interior remodel or change of use within a building
  • Conversion of porch, garage, or deck to living space
  • Placement of a manufactured home
  • Decks
  • Pools (above ground and in ground)
  • Garages, storage buildings, sheds
  • Basement finish or remodel
  • Demolition or relocation of any building
  • Re-roofing of any structure
  • Replacement windows 
  • Siding

Electrical Permits:

  • Installation or alteration of electrical equipment

Mechanical Permits:

  • Installation or alteration of mechanical equipment
  • Furnace, A/C, or water heater installation or replacement
  • Gas piping, duct work, exhaust fans/vents

Plumbing Permits:

  • Installation or alteration of plumbing equipment

Zoning Approvals:

  • Placement of sheds less than 200 square feet in floor area
  • Installation or construction of fences
  • Placement of agricultural buildings and structures
  • Home occupations
  • All signs (building permits also required)
  • Any other activity regulated by the Zoning Ordinance

Contact Information:
Almena Township
27625 CR 375
Paw Paw, MI  49079

(269) 668-6910
(269) 668-6913

Located between Paw Paw & Kalamazoo