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Planning Commission

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Complete Master Plan (.pdf)

Overview:  The Planning Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Township Board of Trustees concerning land use and land division within the Township.  In addition to preparing and periodically updating the Township’s comprehensive Master Land Use Plan, Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map documents, the Planning Commission also reviews all applications for re-zoning, special land use and site plan review.  

Meeting Schedule:  Members of the public are encouraged to attend all monthly and special Planning Commission meetings.  In general, monthly Commission meetings are held the first Monday of each month in the main meeting room of the Township Hall, beginning at 7:00 PM. Please check the calendar to confirm the next meeting date.

Membership:  Commission members are recommended by the Township Supervisor and appointed by the board collective and are intended to represent a cross section of the Township population in terms of geographic, occupational and philosophical perspectives.  Persons interested in serving on Planning Commission should contact the Supervisor.  The term of appointment for a Commission member is typically three years.  Current members and terms of appointment are as follows:

Member Name, Title

Current Term of Appointment

Initial Appointment

 Jim Horton, Chairman, ZBA Liaison

11/2014 - 11/2017


Donald Sirrine, Member

1/2017 - 1/2019


 Steve Manning, Member

3/2016– 3/2019


 Matt Moulds, Member

4/2016 - 4/2019 


 Mark Roman, Secretary, Township Board Liaison

3/2016 – 3/2019

(as Alternate)

Kris Nelson, Member

7/2015 - 7/2018


 John Wagner, Member

2/2015 -2/2018


 Jennie Miller, Alternate Member

2/2017 - 2/2020


Annual Reports:  Michigan law now requires that the Planning Commission prepare an annual report.  The first such report was submitted to the Township Board in January 2010

Past Meeting Minutes: Minutes for past Planning Commission meetings are available on the website.

Almena Township Master Plan (.pdf)

Base Map (.jpg)

County Prime Farm Map (.tif)

Drainage Map (.jpg)

Existing Land Use Map (.jpg)

Future Land Use Map (.pdf)

Future Land Use - Scenario #1 (.pdf)

Future Land Use - Scenario #2 (.pdf)

Future Land Use - Scenario #3 (.pdf)

Issues and Opportunities Map (.jpg)

Natural Features Map (.jpg)

Topography Map (.pdf)

Transporation Network Map (.jpg)

Contact Information:

27625 CR 375

Paw Paw, MI

(269) 668-6910
(269) 668-6913

Located between Paw Paw & Kalamazoo